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The Silver Spotlight - January 2011 - Augusta Futurity

The Silver Spotlight - January 2011 - Augusta Futurity

Five Questions with Augusta Futurity operations manager Sherry Fulmer.


Q: 2011 marks the 32nd annual Augusta Futurity. Can you tell us a little about the history of the event and the inception of the ACCHA itself?

A: A group of cutters met in a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia whose common interest was to produce a large cutting east of the Mississippi River. Billy Morris convinced them that the city of Augusta was building a brand new civic center and that Augusta had no other western event. It was a great marriage that has lasted for 32 years.


Q: Augusta continues to be the largest cutting horse showcase east of the Mississippi. What are some of the principals you have maintained that have allowed your organization so much success in these challenging economic times?

A: We work hard to educate our local spectators so that they can appreciate the talent. We have used our newspaper influence both to make the participants feel like celebrities and to keep the public aware that the show is in town. Our daily working orders are  printed in the paper. Customer appreciation coupled with a first class presentation helped us build a ticket buying base that cements our show.


Q: In addition to the cutting, you also host a bull riding, ranch rodeo and a few other fun events that coincide with the futurity. Can you tell us about these?

A: After 32 years, we realize that some events are easier for children to watch and we try to keep it fresh. We have a Wrangler Family fun morning that has a petting zoo and a longhorn for photos. We are also proud of our Western vendor extravaganza and on the last 3 nights we open up a second building for shopping.


Q: Augusta and Gist Silversmiths have been working together since the very first futurity in 1980. In an industry that has seen many changes during that time, why does this relationship continue to work so well?

A: Quality on both ends. What a duo!


Q: There have obviously been so many amazing horses that have competed at Augusta. If you had to pick one favorite champion, who would it be?

A: The prestige of having Smart Little Lena show here was great but when Royal Blue Boon was competing you knew you were watching something special.


Augusta Futurity runs January 21-29. For more information, visit